Don Jr. Is Spending The Weekend Douching It Up With A Notorious Racist

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Some people will spend this weekend watching football or decompressing after a hard work week. Donald Jr, in contrast, will spend weekend hunting pheasants with racist, white nationalist (but I repeat myself), Steve King. Presumably because if you’re going to try and build connections with the Republican Party, you go for the heart of that vile monster.

The annual hunt, which takes place at the Hole N The Wall Lodge in Akron, Iowa, has been a popular event for aspiring politicians and presidential candidates over the years. Santorum and Cruz have both participated in a similar hunt, and King announced ahead of time that he would be joined by Col. Bud Day and Don Jr.

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I’ve heard rumors they wanted to invite Paul Ryan, but the lodge didn’t have enough room to park his palanquin made from the gilded flayed bones and hides of starving orphans.

Trump Jr. likes to fancy himself a big game hunter; he reportedly gunned down a moose in Canada this past September, because nothing says “masculine” like a rich spoiled dimwit who’s never worked a day in goddamn life murdering animals for recreation.

He also caught some heat in 2010 after he posed with the corpse of a dead elephant in Zimbabwe — a species that, might I add, is not only one of the world’s smartest animals with the ability to feel a range of emotions but is also classified as “vulnerable”. Just in case you thought only his old man was an abject monster.

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While Don Jr. is best known as a narcissistic waste of carbon who shines like a black hole singularity, King is infamous for his white nationalist rhetoric. For instance, there was that time he noted,”we can’t restore our civilization with someone else’s babies.” This, of course, is what we call a “Nazi talking point” — and King probably wouldn’t disagree.

No word on whether they tried to invite Dick Cheney, but I’m thinking a least some of our problems could’ve been solved if they did.

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