Don Jr Is Trying To Sell The Most Ridiculous Valentines Day Present Ever

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Donald Trump, Jr. was peddling Trump-branded crap on Twitter Wednesday. Valentine’s Day is in a week and I suppose he thought it would be somehow appropriate to pawn stuff no one wants. The picture is of a toy Trump jet (Trump Shuttle, anyone?) with a teddy bear in a Trump robe sitting on it. He has not even an iota of shame – which is normal for the Trump clan.

Take a look at this ridiculous gift:

One: that is as phallic as they come. Two: Isn’t it unethical to use your father’s position to sell your crap merchandise? Three: That shit is tacky – not just the “gifts,” but the entire sales pitch. Notice the handy link to the store – that has its own Twitter account.

If your significant other buys a Valentine’s gift for you this year from the Trump Store, dump them immediately.

Other Twitter users took the opportunity to make their own observations. Leave it to strangers on Twitter to say what most of us are thinking.

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Ha! Good one, Christina.


Do NOT give these morons any ideas.


Well, this is just funny.

And, there you go. He has absolutely nothing but his name.

While most of us find this unethical, to say the least, it’s typical Trump behavior. They take advantage of anything they can to make a buck. I can’t help but feel at times that this presidency is a horrible marketing strategy gone terribly awry.

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