Don Jr. Just Warned Us All To Stay Away From Twitter For The Day

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If you’re cruising social media today, you might just want to stick to Facebook. Thankfully, Donald Trump Jr. gave us all fair warning this morning that we should avoid Twitter (and Instagram) at all costs unless we want to see multiple pics of the death of America as we knew it following his daddy’s unexpected election win.

“To see some cool personal family pics from the anniversary of day one year ago today go check out my IG page,” Junior wrote on Twitter Wednesday morning.

And then came the warning: this is not the end and more pics are to come.

“I’ll be posting more throughout the day,” he said in a follow-up tweet.

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Junior’s tweets come on the heels of Twitter’s decision to hand Donald Trump 280 characters, doubling the amount of stupid we can expect per tweet. My initial reaction to this news consisted of wondering what fresh hell is this. After more thought, I have come to the conclusion that the longer tweet length is the equivalent of handing our Tweeter-in-Chief more rope to hang himself with.

Twitter was quick to tell Donnie Jr. that his election anniversary pics were nothing to be bragging about and informed him that the only thing his tweet was good for is warning people who aren’t bat-shit crazy to avoid Twitter for the day.

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