Don Jr Shares Magazine Article He Thinks Is Praising Daddy–It’s Not

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We all know it — Donald J. Trump wins the award for dumbest president ever, hands down. But, fortunately for America, neither of his adult male spawn are running the country, because next to them he is a genius.

At least Eric, who looks and sounds like he is impersonating a psycho killer when he’s having a good day, largely keeps his mouth shut. But Don Jr. puts his stupidity on display on pretty much a daily basis.

On November 15 Junior retweeted an article from the British magazine The Economist.

Little Donny either didn’t read the article, or his English language comprehension is pathetic, because nowhere in the piece does the author give the Orange Emperor credit for any of the positive changes he/she is talking about.

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Here are the parts of the story that Junior didn’t seem to understand:

Has Mr Trump kept his promise to revive American manufacturing, mining and the like? A more probable explanation is that he came to office just as America began to run out of willing workers to fill all of its job vacancies. As unemployment has fallen, from over 6% in mid-2014 to 4.1% today, wage growth has gradually picked up.

That’s right. The Economist, certainly not a liberal publication, is saying what many already know. The stage for what is happening now was set by the economic progress made over the past eight years. Thanks Obama!

After years of imbalance, a shift in economic power towards workers is to be welcomed, so long as inflation remains low. Yet wage growth also helps determine the fate of politicians, whether or not they deserve it. Mr Trump’s election led to soaring small-business confidence, which is yet to abate. His promise to deregulate the energy sector may have spurred some investment. Yet his apparent economic success to date mostly reflects fortunate timing. [Emphasis added]

You can fool some of the people some of the time, and the Fox News audience pretty damned much all of the time. But you can’t fool the savvy financial writers at The Economist at all. They know the Emperor has no clothes, and, unlike much of the American media, they’re not afraid to say so.

That will not stop him from taking the credit should a tight labour market lift America’s spirits as the 2020 presidential election approaches. Rightly or wrongly, the biggest beneficiary of a sustained wage boom for workers may be a suited man sitting in the Oval Office.

Now if only all those expensive schools he went to had been able to teach little Donny some reading comprehension…

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