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Donald Trump Ignored The United States’ Cuban Embargo And There’s Proof (VIDEO)

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Thursday is going to be a very interesting day for Donald Trump because Newsweek is about to drop yet another bombshell on Trump’s campaign. Information has become available on how Donald Trump’s company violated the United States embargo against Cuba.

Rachel Maddow has advanced information from the story, and it just doesn’t look good for Trump. Especially not on the heels of his painful to watch debate loss. 

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The more we dig into Trump’s past and business connections, the clearer the picture becomes. This is a man who will do anything to profit. This is a man we already have very real concerns about because we know that as president, should he win, he is in a position to benefit himself even more. There is nothing about him or his past that shows he won’t.

We already know that once he has profited, he believes that defrauding the country that he owes his success to is “smart.” He takes what he can get, then gleefully absconds with the money owed back to the community in the form of taxes to improve infrastructure and education. Then he bitches that we have bad infrastructure and education. He blames “government spending” and Hillary, (who pays her taxes) not himself, for it. He is a millstone around the neck of the middle class.

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Now, we are told that he will not only just “bend the law” to steal tax money from school children: he may have broken a UNITED STATES EMBARGO just to profit from it.

His solution to earlier revealed shady business deals, entanglements and frightening leverages that would be against him as president was to have his kids run his businesses. It was novel, but no solution. What will he say to try to assure the United States that his previously illegal profit seeking and (totally legal loophole) tax evasion isn’t a predictor for the way he will run our country?

If this is true, it destroys any tenuous credibility his business empire may have given him. It is much easier to get rich when you cheat, break the law, and don’t pay taxes than if you have to actually be good at what you do.

Watch Maddow’s segment, here:

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