Donald Trump Jr. Attacks Teenage Shooting Survivor

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Donald Trump Jr. jumped on the right-wing conspiracy bandwagon this morning who have been attacking the survivors of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting that took the lives of seventeen teachers and students. Conservatives spent the last few days disparaging the survivors who are now fighting for gun control and Donny, the dumbest of the Trump kids, could not wait to get in on the action.

On Tuesday morning, Axios editor Justin Green noticed that Junior had liked two far-right articles on Twitter that attack teen survivor David Hogg, calling him an “FBI plant”:

It’s unsurprising that Donald Trump Jr. is such a piece of shit that he would “like” articles like this on Twitter, knowing they would show up on his page and become more widely known. Don Jr. has always been the absolute worst of the Trump kids. He spends a great deal of time on social media spreading absolute bullshit to the drooling fans who believe everything he has to say. However, while it may not be surprising, it is probably the worst thing he has done.

Attacking children who thought their lives were going to end to further an attack on the FBI just because they are investigating daddy is unthinkable. When many of these kids left their school on Valentine’s Day, they had to step over dead bodies and pools of blood, but they aren’t supposed to talk about it? Get the fuck out of here.

Whether the GOP likes it or not, kids like David are going not going to sit down and shut up. They are doing what we all should have been doing the whole time: fight to change this country and protect our children. And people like me are going to stand beside them and help them do it.

March 24, 2018, everyone. Go to Washington D.C. and stand beside David and his fellow survivors.

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