Donald Trump Jr. Started His Weekend With Tweets Showing He’s A Flaming Hypocrite

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Donald Trump Jr. is a bigger douchebag than his father. Any man in his 30’s who still copies his daddy’s hairstyle is lacking in basic life skills. He once again proved the point with his series of tweets Saturday morning.

It appears that we are experiencing a watershed moment in American history. Everyone and their grandpas have been accused of sexual harassment in recent weeks. The days of the old cartoons showing bosses chasing their secretaries around the desk are over, but that doesn’t stop the daily harassment almost every woman in every office deals with – comments on revealing clothing, a pat to the ass. These moments are so ingrained in what is deemed “acceptable” that many women don’t even view that kind of behavior as harassment – only a matter of course. We may actually see an end to the days where men (and in many cases, women) feel that it’s perfectly acceptable make any sort of sexual innuendos in the workplace.

This brings us back to Junior. He went on Twitter earlier in the week to defend Roy Moore who has been accused of being inappropriate with teenaged girls. He retweeted the following tweets:

Yes, Menendez was accused of being with underage prostitutes, but does that have a bearing on Moore? Both are reprehensible and media coverage does not reflect the feelings of the average Democrat.

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He didn’t stop there. Now that allegations are being rained down on us like fallout from some horrible perversion war, he decided he would retweet not one, but three tweets about very liberal George Takei – because that’s mature. It’s important to note that we are in no way defending Takei here, just pointing out Junior’s flaming hypocrisy.

It’s safe to say that the rotten apple doesn’t fall far from the Crazy Tree. We just wish that people didn’t take this man-child seriously because he’s the son of the current crazy man in charge.

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