Donald Trump Jr. Thinks It’s Cool To Make Sexual Jokes About Toddlers

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Over the last few weeks, Donald Trump Jr’s Twitter feed has been awash with comments about Democrats who have been accused of sexual harassment. The son of President Puss Grab has failed to see just how ironic it is that he believes he has some moral high ground here. And while it has been fun watching him try to zing liberals for the failings of men within our party (none of them have molested children by the way, but Jr is ignoring the Roy Moore allegations, of course) it got a little bit weird on Thursday evening.

As I was getting ready to go to bed I noticed a tweet from Stephen Colbert pop up on my feed. Colbert was responding to a six-year-old tweet from Puss Grab Jr and asking him if he was insane. Curious, I clicked the parent tweet and was immediately grossed out:

That’s right, Donald Trump Jr once thought it would be funny to make a sexual joke about a toddler and a teacher. Other Twitter users were as equally as grossed out as I was and started shaming the fuck out of him:

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Honestly, though, what the fuck is wrong with him? I am a mother and never in a million years would I think to make a joke like that. There is nothing funny about objectifying your toddler. He is sad, sick individual.

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