Donald Trump Jr. Tries To Defend Sean Hannity–Fails Bigly

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Sean Hannity is little better than a propagandist, and it’s good to see so many companies yanking up stakes and bailing on his program like they did with Rush Limbaugh. And like with Limbaugh and similar boycotts, it gives right-wingers a chance to be idiots — so leave it to the Kingpin of Twitter Idiocy’s son, Don Jr., to show us all how it’s done.

Don Jr., stupid, and Twitter go together like peanut butter, jelly, and bread. Which is to say, stupid is an integral part of just about everything this idiot does on Twitter, including one of his latest retweets:

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You may be curious what this has to do with anything. Keurig is a company that makes coffee machines; you may have seen them before. Up until this point, Keurig has been one of those companies that ran ads on Sean Hannity’s show — however, when it was brought to their attention on Twitter, they announced they’d no longer be doing so — or, “working with . . . FOX . . . to stop [their] ad from running during the Sean Hannity Show.”

Naturally, this pissed off some right-wingers. After all, boycotting is only okay if they’re doing it. Otherwise, it’s “economic terrorism,” to borrow the phrase I heard one right-wing whackjob describe it as. Take note, class, since this is what happens when your empathy and human understanding is so stunted and weak it can be countered by a light breeze.

In response to this information, Junior here retweeted a HuffPo news story that claimed the coffeemakers may be covered in mold as a way to hurt the brand:

Keurig machines will become moldy and home to bacteria if you don’t clean them regularly, beyond any shadow of a doubt. But so will anything that isn’t cleaned regularly. Fungus and bacteria will grow anywhere that the environment is right, and that usually requires moisture. Like what you’d find in a coffee machine.

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The moral of the story isn’t that Keurig is uniquely plagued by bacteria and mold, it’s that if you don’t want to find penicillin in your coffee machine — or on your shower curtain, or in your basement, or anywhere else for that matter — is to make sure you clean your stuff.

Apparently, Don Jr. doesn’t understand that. Since this is usually a result of upbringing, it explains a lot about his old man’s idea of “draining the swamp,” doesn’t it?

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