Donald Trump lied about having a business degree. He actually has a degree in economics.

Donald Trump Lied About Receiving An MBA From Wharton

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How many times has our so-called “president” lied to us now? Jimmy Kimmel recently marked the 2,000th lie from him. So, it isn’t really a surprise that he lied about having an MBA from Wharton. Although he was a businessman before he became our president and although he claims to be a billionaire from all of his business dealings, he never got a business degree from Wharton University. In fact, the real degree he got was his undergraduate degree, a bachelor’s of science in economics.

Earlier this week, a reporter from Vanity Fair brought up the fact that Trump actually slipped up when speaking about his degree when he said, “I went to the best colleges or college.” Kurt Eichenwald pointed out why this was important:

Trump just said, ‘I went to the best colleges, or college.’ Why the slip? 1 or 2? Answer: 2. He wanted UPenn, but Dad’s influence couldn’t get him in. Went to Fordham. Eventually, Penn gave Don a ‘rich boy’ admission. Never made dean’s list, claims he graduated 1st in his class. Trump always refuses to mention Fordham, because it is evidence that he wasn’t good enough. He refuses to call U Penn by that name, but instead calls it Wharton, the undergraduate business school. BUT no one says ‘I went to Wharton’ when they are talking about undergrad they might say, I went to Wharton undergrad, but never “I went to Wharton.” Why? Because Wharton has the most highly respected graduate business program in the country. People who ‘went to Wharton’ are MBAs.

Eichenwald continues and explains how Trump has been tricking people into believing he had a prestigious degree, when he really doesn’t:

Trump has been tricking people — including me years ago — into believing he has a Wharton MBA (Which WOULD be a major accomplishment) by his crafty word choice. Trump has no MBA. He can’t read a balance sheet. He’s just a guy who inherited lots of $ long ago and is so bad at business that no American banks will deal with him anymore. now, Fordham is a great school. Trump could say ‘I went to Fordham, then transferred to UPenn for the business program.’ But then it would be, wait, did you get a Wharton MBA or not? Telling the truth about undergraduate destroys the deception on graduate degree.

This is completely unsurprising. Trump is famous for lying about himself in order to make it seem as if he is greater than he really is. However, it’s pretty disturbing that he was elected president by a bunch of people who believe that he has a degree he does not have. I wonder if they are even a little bit embarrassed that he duped them all?

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