Donald Trump lied about having a business degree. He actually has a degree in economics.

Donald Trump Tweets Bizarre Message, Forgets He’s President

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On Monday morning, after his ridiculous tweetstorm about DACA, Democrats and Mexico, Donald Trump once again decided to attack his Department of Justice and FBI. Whining about something he probably saw on Fox & Friends, the president of the United States tweeted:

Oh, there is so much to unwrap here but let’s just stick to the fact that Donald Trump has absolutely no idea that he is president. You see, ordinarily, a president would not go after the Department of Justice because they’d recognize that any problems with that agency are their fault.

The DOJ is part of the executive branch and the president nominates its head. Donald Trump chose Jeff Sessions to run the DOJ and he chose Chris Wray to head the FBI. Ultimately, it is the president’s responsibility to make sure the agencies are running well and cooperating with their oversight committees. I mean, this is a very basic fact. Even a child would know this, but somehow it has managed to escape the squatter who currently resides in the Oval Office.

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After a morning of dumb, Twitter could not handle the last tweet and began mocking Trump for his stupidity:

If he’s already this crazy this morning, lunchtime is going to be loads of fun.

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