Elizabeth Warren Rips The GOP Apart In A Series Of Vicious Tweets

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At 1:30 AM Saturday morning the Republican-controlled Senate voted for the biggest transfer of wealth in American history. The GOP tax bill will raise taxes on almost everybody making $75,000 per year by 2027. It will save Donald Trump’s family millions of dollars, despite his claims that they will be worse off. The bill eliminates popular tax cuts for the middle class including those for moving expenses, alimony, student loan interest, and tuition and fees. The Congressional Budget Office released its score of the bill and said it would hurt the poor the most (those people Trump vowed to protect), increase the deficit by at least $1.4 trillion (something Republicans claimed they are against) and 13 million people will lose health insurance (and everyone else’s will rise at least 10%). To make it all worse, we don’t actually know how much this bill will impact America because nobody has read the final bill. Not only has nobody read the bill, Republicans were adding handwritten amendments to it in the middle of the night.

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Badassville) was absolutely enraged by all of this. Warren has spent her life fighting for the people Republicans screwed on Saturday morning and took to Twitter to express her outrage:

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That’s right, Democrats asked Republican leaders to recess so that they could take the weekend to read what they were about to vote on and the GOP said “No.” Isn’t that cute?

Marco Rubio admitted this week that Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security were up on the chopping block next. Why? Well, because they need to do something to pay for the money they just gave to the rich.

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Senator Warren was 100% right. The Republican Party proved they are morally bankrupt liars who only care about lining the pockets of their wealthy donors. The middle class and poor are going to suffer greatly from this law and they give zero fucks. What’s worse is that Democrats are going to have to clean up their mess when they finally take control back, just like we do every time.

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