Eric Trump Is Begging Campaign Supporters For ‘Just $1’ In Wake Of Manafort Indictment

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The Trump camp put out an email Monday letting you know that his perpetual campaign is still standing and noted that for as little as $1, you can provide support. Well, “noted” might be a bit too detached — I think “pleaded” is a better word.

And trust me — they’re probably going to need all the money they can get.

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This Monday did not mark a good start to Trump’s week. In rapid succession, we learned that the names on the indictments belonged to Paul Manafort and Richard Gates, two individuals tied to the Trump campaign. Then, we learned that George Papadopolous, a former Trump advisor on foreign matters, admitted guilt for lying to the FBI during the Russian investigation.

And we aren’t even out of Monday, yet.

So to shore up an increasingly failing base in the wake of this scandal, the Trump campaign put out an email blast telling its supporters that it’s “still standing.”

The fundraising email, drafted by Eric Trump, warns Trump voters “There’s a new opposition against my father and this Administration every day.” He then goes on to whine about how the “mainstream media continues to play politics, creating division and turning the American people against one another.”

Here’s the funny thing: if recent polls are to be believed, almost 60 percent of Americans are opposed to Trump, compared to a paltry 35 percent supporting him and a clueless 5 percent who apparently don’t have any feelings at all on the matter. He has never seen support ratings above 50 percent in his entire career are president.

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America isn’t “divided.” It’s actually rather united in shared contempt for Donald Trump. It’s a small and noisy minority, like the lunatics who think the moon landing is fake, that give the impression we’re divided. Well, that and bots and Russian operatives on social media.

He goes on to note that, as a loyal supporter for his father, he wants you to know “the Truth™.”

And what is the Truth™? That with a “contribution of just $1” you can “help us crush our goal this month.”


Nah. It’s cool, but I think I’ll pass on that. There aren’t many things you can buy for a dollar anymore, but even with that inflation in mind the Trump campaign just isn’t worth it.

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