Eric Trump’s Fox Interview Proves He’s Only A Step Above Tiffany In The Trump Hierarchy

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Eric Trump is like Robin to Junior’s Batman. Actually, no he isn’t – it’s offensive that I even tried to equate those duos. Eric is like the Patrick Starfish to Junior’s Spongebob Squarepants. He sort of just comes along for the ride and nods his head a lot. He appeared on Fox News Sunday morning and he proved once again that he’s really only a step above Tiffany in the hierarchy of Trump spawn.

The host asked if he had been questioned in the Russian scandal. What he said really surprised no one. He denied being questioned by anyone in Mueller’s probe. In regards to meeting with Mueller, he stated,

I haven’t. And I’ve said this a million times, the Russia thing is a total sham. It is total nonsense. There is zero collusion with Russia. At the same time, look at Uranium One. I mean, are people really naive enough to believe that someone had given Hillary Clinton, who was Secretary of State at the time, $145 million for nothing?

Take a look at the video from Sunday morning:

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It’s nice to see that he is able to memorize his lines. Eric must have had “deflection” beaten into him. However, you will notice that he isn’t lying about not being interviewed by Mueller. From our perspective, it does feel as if Eric isn’t treated the same as Ivanka and Junior –  and we love to speculate that it’s because he isn’t capable of handling the intricacies of evil like the others. It really is fun to think of Eric as seen on the SNL skits.

However, maybe we are looking at this all wrong. A Twitter user pointed out that Eric Trump may be the wisest of all the Trump family for knowing the least. You will notice that Tiffany isn’t even mentioned because she has completely removed herself from the Trump orbit.

Poor Eric. He’ll never be daddy’s favorite. For that, he should be thankful.

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