Evangelical Trump Ally Says Trump Is ‘Kind, Credible And Competent’

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Evangelical Johnnie Moore came to Donald Trump’s defense on Thursday. According to CBN News, a Christian online publication, Moore has been at the capitol this week for the In Defense of Christians Summit. The annual summit draws religious leaders from around the world to raise awareness about protecting Christians in the Middle East.

Moore took the opportunity to clear the air about Trump after Jeff Flake (R-AZ) and Bob Corker (R-TN) announced that they would not run for re-election in 2018 and openly criticized Trump’s performance as president. He expressed his complete trust in Trump’s leadership.

He stated,

Any of us that have interacted with President Trump knows [he is] someone who’s competent, who’s kind, who’s credible, who has the best of intentions. These leaders are playing politics.

Competent? Kind? Credible? Best of intentions? In what universe? Surely, he has his Trumps confused. Actually, no. Absolutely none of the Trumps are any of those things. It’s almost as if this pastor has been blinded by the spray tan and whitened teeth. Trump is a great leader like this clearly unstable man is a great Christian. Real Christians do not endorse pussy grabbers.

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Johnnie Moore has met with Trump several times. In fact, he was one of the evangelicals who prayed over Trump this summer in the Oval Office. Some of these megachurch pastors really had important issues to discuss with ole Donny – money talks in Trump’s world, amirite? Some people can be whoever you want them to be for the right price.

He tweeted a picture from the “laying of hands” on Trump and reveled in the outrage it caused in some people. He stated,

The media went wild and people flipped out when that picture of us praying with the president went viral on the internet. They would have freaked out even more if they knew this wasn’t an irregular occasion. This is a normal thing.

For people who like calling the media “fake”, Trump and his followers sure do talk about it incessantly.

How a religious leader can support a man who admitted on tape that he sexually assaults women is beyond my realm of comprehension. Johnny Moore does seem to have one important trait in common with his president – they are both fakes.

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