FACT: The Federal Government Made Medical Marijuana Legal a Long Time Ago

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Even though marijuana is considered to be illegal under federal law, the real truth is that the US government has allowed people to use medical marijuana legally for years, while growing and supplying the pot at the same time. My claim is bold, even shocking to those who don’t already know but read on, it’s completely true.

My question: is there a time that we are exempt from laws? Legally speaking, no there is not.

The federal government cannot legally authorize a select group of people to murder or kidnap or commit felonies that lead to years in prison under federal law, as marijuana crimes often do. Neither should the federal government be allowed to supply legal marijuana to a select number of federal patients for decades, without that allowance having an impact on all people governed under federal law, and that means all Americans.

Bottom line: if federal law allows something to take place, it sets a precedent, or it damned well should.

Sessions’ Attack on the Will of Voters

With few tools at his disposal to f*ck over the rights of voters in states that legalized marijuana, Jeff Sessions has rescinded the Cole Memo, implemented during the Obama administration, which eased the ability of financial institutions to work with businesses in the cannabis industry.

Trump’s attorney general is operating from the premise that federal law still considers marijuana illegal and it seems like an inarguable point, but Sessions is missing that one GLARING exception that is the ultimate example of federal hypocrisy.

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Federal law in the United States of America does and has INDEED allowed legal marijuana use for a very long time, among a small number of patients. As a CBS News article from September 2011 explains, “In 1976, a federal judge ruled that the Food and Drug Administration must provide Robert Randall of Washington, D.C. with marijuana because of his glaucoma — no other drug could effectively combat his condition. Randall became the nation’s first legal pot smoker since the drug’s prohibition.”

Federal Pot at Ole Miss

For those of you who don’t know, the University of Mississippi has been growing medical marijuana legally and providing it to federal patients for decades. You could say that the federal government’s biggest legal contradiction IS the pot grow at Ole Miss.

As USA Today explained in December 2012, the University of Mississippi became the nation’s only legal pot farm way back in 1968:

Ole Miss was selected in 1968 as the United States’ first, and only, legal marijuana farm since the drug became illegal in 1937 under the Marijuana Tax Act. The pot was grown for research being done by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, and was supplied to a small number of patients who were able to prove marijuana was the only therapeutic drug that would alleviate symptoms from their varying illnesses.

In spite of Session’s draconian efforts to complicate state-legalized pot, moves have been happening at the federal level to loosen some regulations, including the exclusivity of Ole Miss as the only federal growing site. The LA Times wrote in August 2016, in reference to the DEA, “The agency said it would begin allowing researchers and drug companies to use pot grown in places other than its well-secured facility at the University of Mississippi.”

What a load of hypocrisy — one that surely will benefit Big Pharma when the feds have to officially cave in due to immense pressure created by the extremely lucrative cannabis industry. In the meanwhile, the misguided, greedy Trump administration is going to make things as hard as possible on the brave entrepreneurs who have followed the wishes of voters and begun supplying legal cannabis. Knowing that legalized pot means big money, and it is never going away, the dirty Republicans are quietly sinking their claws into the mix by expanding the number of federal grow sites.

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