Father Of Parkland Survivor Is P*ssed Over Accusations His Son Is A ‘Crisis Actor’

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I’m sure by now most of us have heard the conspiracy theories that some of the survivors of the Parkland shooting are “crisis actors.” After every mass shooting, memes circulate social media “proving” that some survivors are at every mass shooting. The practice surpasses disgusting – the suggestion being that these tragedies never happened, all a ruse to take away Second Amendment rights. This is now happening to a student in Parkland, and his father, Kevin Hogg, a former FBI agent, is pissed.

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student and shooting survivor, David Hogg, and his father spoke with Anderson Cooper Tuesday night regarding the conspiracy theories alleging that David really isn’t a student at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, that he’s an actor determined to take down the gun industry.

Mr. Hogg stated,

There is no way. I don’t know how they believe such a thing. My career has been perfect… I was a Navy pilot before. I was an elementary school teacher with California credentials. I moved on and got into the FBI. I was very proud of it and still am… I don’t know why they would say that.

Cooper went to ask him what he thinks of his son becoming an activist. Kevin stated,

David has always been someone who learns at his own time pace and take over a situation and move out and do good things with it… He’s very driven and he’s very more well-spoken than I am.

Kevin finished the interview with,

I’m not worried about it. They can bring it on. It’s a joke.

This is one sick joke that people like Donald Trump, Jr., the President’s SON, have spread to appease the NRA and gun nuts all over the country. Kids are dying. Survivors and parents are fed up. David Hogg and those like him are our future. Let’s hope they stay awake for the fight – it’s a fight for our lives.

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Watch the interview below:

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