FBI Investigating Racist Car Vandalism At Kansas State

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Remember when people thought we were somehow “post-racial?” People actually believed that. And then those very same people elected Donald Trump, and now we get to bask in the “post-racial era.” And to demonstrate just how “post-racial” we’ve become, police and FBI officials in Kansas are investigating a car that’s been graffitied with racial slurs and threats, including such high-class comments as “date your own kind” and “die n*****.”

Can you taste the post-racism yet? I can. It’s so strong it’s knocked me colorblind.

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The vehicle was vandalized with racial slurs near the campus of Kansas State University and prompted the president, Richard Myers, to issue a statement condemning the act, calling it an “attack on the values of our community.”

The individual whose car was vandalized doesn’t have any connection with the University, although K-State has stepped up their game, noting that if they need to devote more resources to patrolling the surrounding community, they’ll do just that.

Myers also said that the vandalism wasn’t the result of the environment around campus; rather, it’s the result of the general environment of the nation. The vandalism comes as K-State is currently looking to hire a new Chef Diversity Officer.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen racist incidents like this on a college campus. Last month, Nazi posters sprang up around Cornell University in Upstate New York like weeds — a university that’s also had other problems with racism in the past. And that’s to say nothing of the “Unite the Right” riot that happened in Charlottesville, which transpired on the lawn of the University of Virginia.

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There’s an ugly element of our society that’s been emboldened by some very ugly people. Donald Trump’s victory unleashed this monster — and if you somehow disagree with this, just what the fuck did you think would happen when you voted for a human Rorschach test supported by both the Daily Stormer, a Neo-Nazi rag, and the KKK? —  but it’s a monster that, no matter how loudly some people insist otherwise, never went away either.

Colorblindness didn’t make this go away. Insisting we were “post-racial” didn’t make this go away. We have to confront this demon; otherwise, it’ll destroy us.

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