Fire Chief And Blue Lives Matter Wife Assault Police Officer After DUI Arrest

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A Florida man and woman have found themselves behind bars thanks to their uncompromising idiocy. Timothy Fussell, the fire chief of Port Richey, was driving his motorcycle on Sunday and had a minor wreck attempting a U-turn. EMS and police arrived at the scene, and when the paramedics were administering first aid to Fussell, his wife Suzanna showed up.

Timothy became angry and belligerent when he was told that he would have to stay at the scene of the accident while the police conducted their investigation. Suzanna made sure to butt in and tell her husband not to talk to the police and was so crazy adamant that she had to be forcibly removed from the scene.

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Suzanna is a Blue Lives Matter supporter. Her social media, before it was taken down, showed the various shares of a patriotic, Obama-hating woman. Here are a few that were captured before the inevitable termination of her account


If Mrs. Fussell is such a supporter of blue lives, why would she try to prevent the police from doing their jobs? Something just doesn’t add up, amirite?

She followed the ambulance to the hospital when they transported Timothy. She tried to push her way through the ambulance entrance and was finally admitted to the area where the fire chief was being treated. She saw that the doctors had drawn blood and shouted at the medical staff to remove the IV from his arm. That did not satisfy her in the least, so she tore the tourniquet off his arm and threw the vials of blood into the hazardous waste container.

As Suzanna was being arrested for obstruction and tampering with evidence, the fire chief punched an officer in the face – which got him the charge of battery in addition to his DUI charge. Blue lives matter? Only when they are doing anything other than arresting the Fussells.

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  1. A corollary to NIMBY. Not In My Back Yard. In other words, as blue lives matter until it affects your own life adversely. If blue lives matter so much, go hug a smurf.

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