Firefighter Pissed Store Flew Pride Flag Instead Of U.S. Or CONFEDERATE Flag On July 4th

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So, there’s stupid and then there is STUPID. Wesley Paul Nelson, a volunteer firefighter in Placerville, California is definitely the latter.

Over Independence Day weekend, Nelson was puttering around downtown when he came across The Crystal Ship and he was PISSED. You see, the owner of the shop, Jessica Martin, had installed a rainbow flag in June to celebrate Pride Month and let the LGBTQ community in her city know that she was an ally. That act made Nelson a very angry bear and when he saw it he immediately took to Facebook to express his displeasure and prove to everyone what an absolute moron he is:

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When the county fire chief,  Dave Bellerive, saw what Nelson wrote on Facebook he called the post “derogatory” and said it is not reflective of the views of the fire department. The chief went on to say that action would be taken against Nelson. In turn, the friendly neighborhood moron issued an apology for his comments:

I spoke too soon and out of anger that the American flag was not being flown on a holiday weekend. he past day I have learned a lesson and realized that tolerance goes farther than hateful speech. I have also learned that my words affect far more people than I realized. My comments and actions in no way reflect the beliefs of Amador County Fire and I sincerely apologize for my words and actions.

Awww, see? It’s okay everyone, he was just speaking out of anger about someone exercising their freedom on a weekend that celebrates our freedom. No big deal!

Let’s all forget for a moment that this guy is a giant bigot who has no business serving the community in any capacity and marvel at how oblivious he is to the history of our country. He thinks the shop should be flying the American OR Confederate flag? What? The Confederacy attacked the United States of America. They were the enemy of our country. Flying the Confederate flag as a replacement of the U.S. flag would be just as bad as flying an ISIS flag and calling yourself a patriot. You cannot be a “patriot” and fly the flag of a group that attacked us and caused the deaths of millions of Americans. Period. Now, there will be people who say,”But those soldiers were Americans!” Sure, but not by choice! They did not want any part of our union, that’s why they started a war to leave it and I am saying that as a person who grew up in a Confederate state. Obviously, Mr. Nelson has never read a history book.

I told you, there are stupid people and then there are STUPID people.

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