Florida Republican Representative Calls Out A Transgender Student

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Drew Adams is a 16-year-old boy who will enter his junior year at Nease High School in August. He has filed a discrimination suit against his school for not allowing him to use the boys’ restroom. Part of his complaint says that Drew is transgender and was incorrectly designated female on his birth certificate.

He came out as transgender the summer before he started his freshman year at Nease High School. He had emailed his teachers, asked them to use masculine pronouns with him and had that all in order. However, he was pulled out of class by guidance counselors because he was anonymously reported for using the boys’ restrooms. He was told to use the gender neutral restrooms located in the school.  Drew said there are half a dozen boys’ bathrooms at school but only two or three gender neutral bathrooms, which are located in inconvenient areas. This is the basis of his lawsuit along with the fact that the school district will not recognize his gender.

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Bill Korach, chairman of the St. Johns County Republican Party said Drew is confused and called Drew a girl though he identifies as a boy. He stated,

We feel this is mistaken and ill-advised, and this girl is confused.

Because that’s the way it works, asshole. It has nothing to do with confusion on Drew’s end. This has to do with Korach’s small mind not being able to comprehend something he has already deemed minor in his mind.

Korach sent out a letter to parents in the school district, calling the LGBT community bullies, a field where he seems to have some experience. He said school board member Tommy Allen asked him to reach out to the parents. The letter attributed comments to Allen that Allen has denied. The comments were along the lines of,

The policy would mean that any student could say they were whatever sex they wished to be on a given day and use that bathroom.

That totally doesn’t suggest that they consider Drew a sexual deviant, does it? This kid just wants to use the damn bathroom in the boys’ room, because….  he is a boy. He wants to feel included instead of being ostracized because some peoples’ minds are too damn small to comprehend that others’ lives are different than their own.

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