Florida Woman Wakes Up To Racist Slurs And A Fire In Her Backyard

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A Florida woman woke up early Monday morning to an awful surprise. She realized soon upon waking that someone vandalized her property. Nakea Darisaw of Belleview, Florida posted photos on her personal Facebook page showing racist messages spray-painted on her home and her vehicles. Besides the vandalism, her phone lines were cut, and the woods behind her house set on fire. It’s almost as though someone was setting the scene for a stereotypical movie about racism in the Deep South.

Except this is real life in the South in 2018. How awful is it that many people in the United States still wake up in fear because of the color of their skin?

Darisaw posted pictures of the N-word spray painted on her front door, garage, both vehicles and her driveway. The slurs in addition to the fire and cut phone lines made it very clear why her family was targeted, although she told local police that she did not know who would have made the threats.

According to the police report, Darisaw stated that she didn’t have any enemies or problems with any of her neighbors. Unfortunately, racists do not need reasons to target anyone. They target people based solely on color and ethnicity. After an estimated $10,000 worth of damage to personal property, Darisaw and her children have learned that lesson from first-hand experience. In addition to the paint and fire, both of her vehicles were deeply scratched and the windshields cracked.

It certainly seems as though this is just another day in Trump’s America: racists are increasingly emboldened. Incidences like this show us how much further we have to go as a nation, and how much we have been set back by electing an elitist racist to our highest office.

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Below is Darisaw’s post to Facebook showing some of the damage to her property:

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