Former CIA Director: Trump Helping ISIS

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In an interview with The Guardian, former CIA/NSA head Michael Hayden stated what many have been stating for awhile now, “When Trump says they [ISIS/Daesh] all hate us, he’s using their narrative. He’s feeding their recruitment video.”

For a considerable amount of time since 9/11, the more radical right has longed for a holy war against Muslims. Despite George W. Bush trying to make clear that America was NOT at war with Islam, the radical right said we were. Despite John McCain trying to make clear that America was NOT at war with Islam, the radical right said we were. Despite Barack Obama saying he was NOT a radical Muslim, the radical right said he was. If it isn’t clear already, there is a pattern here.

The radical right NEEDS a holy war. They NEED to bring about the second coming, and they can only do that by launching another crusade. They portray Obama as some sort of ¬†devil because they NEED him to be that. Despite the protests and clarifications by political leaders, the radical right has held fast in their belief that the Great War is coming, and they should prepare for the Rapture. In their eyes, there are few “true believers.”

The radical right has been fueled by the antagonism of media outlets and websites that spout outrageous theories that seek to unify their followers. How do you get people to empathize with your plight? Tell them there is a war on their religious beliefs. How do you galvanize your followers against the established order? Tap into racial/ethnic fears and concerns to create a boogeyman. Any criticism of their fear mongering is countered with accusations of being “PC Police” or “Social Justice Warriors,” while the critiques themselves are rarely addressed.

In today’s radical right, you don’t have to debate facts, you can debate feelings:”I FEEL this way about this thing” or “I think this, and that isn’t going to change.” Both of these arguments run counter to civilized debate and shut down virtually any progress or potential for change. For all of his faults (and there are countless), Trump has been incredibly successful in realizing this, and using it to his benefit. He built on those aforementioned steps and has skated past all of his Republican rivals, virtually all of whom had better resumes than him.

Where other politicians have tried to quell the more radical aspects of the religious right, He Who Must Not Be President (HWMNBP) has openly courted them. He has stated aloud the things most of them have only said in private, and they have responded with love and admiration.

Radical Islam NEEDS a holy war. They NEED to bring about the second coming and can only do that by portraying any attacks against them as an attack on their religion. They utilize social media to unify and recruit new members. They tell people that there is a war on their religious beliefs. They galvanize support by creating boogeymen, and none has filled that role more succinctly than HWMNBP.

Michael Hayden, an expert on terrorism and security has now stated what we all knew. While most of us respond with a resounding, “fucking duh,” his supporters are responding with a resounding,”we know,” and that should terrify the shit out of everyone.

Justin Hamby is a comedian and writer in Chicago. He regularly writes, directs, and performs sketch, plays, and improv throughout the city. He is the creator of Solid Callback Productions, and original member of Mass Street Productions; as well as an ensemble member of the Under the Gun and Public House theatres. In addition to comedy and writing, he spends his time with his wife, April, who somehow puts up with his crap. Every article he writes is another knife in the back of his conservative upbringing, something he feels bad about, but still continues to do.

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