Former GOP Congressman Accuses John McCain Of Sexual Assault In Defense Of Roy Moore

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On Thursday afternoon, a report outlined allegations from four women who say Republican Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore made sexual advances toward them when they were teenagers. One of the women said she was 14-years-old when Moore picked her up and fondled her. In true Republican fashion, Moore was defended far and wide, even when party leaders were trying not to sound like they were defending him like Mitch McConnell who said he should drop out “if” the allegations were true. If. You know, cause the women have to make sure they are extra believable when speaking to national media organizations about an experience with a creeper. One of the vilest supporters of the former Alabama chief justice, however, was former Senator Joe Walsh.

Walsh,  a well-known racist who doesn’t believe in paying child support, took to Twitter and lobbed some pretty damning accusations at John McCain (who said Moore should drop-out) in order to defend the Alabama candidate:

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That’s right, he is accusing McCain of sexual assault on a minor and then said “I don’t know if that’s true” while comparing it to the allegations against Moore. To be clear, Walsh backs his tweet up with no statements from McCain’s “accuser” or any other shred of evidence. Meanwhile, the women accusing Moore are doing it publicly, but Walsh doesn’t understand the difference. Shocking.

As disgusting as all of this is, though, what is grosser is that Moore will probably win his race. You see, Republicans do not care about women or girls being assaulted and harassed. At all. They seriously give zero fucks. Well, unless the accused is a Democrat, but other than that…nothing. More than a dozen women came forward and said Donald Trump assaulted and harassed them. There is a recording describing how he did it and HE WAS STILL ELECTED PRESIDENT! Why would Roy Moore’s election go any differently?

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  1. Actually the race is very tight and this just may be enough to keep some Republican from showing up to vote. Do under estimate the climate of what is going on. All over the US (not just Virginia) we are seeing people
    are getting sick of this hate and lies. Even the Republicans in the Senate don’t like him because they know he is nothing but a lose cannon who will show up with his own agenda.

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