Former Pastor Scams His Congregation Out Of Tens Of Thousands

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An Oklahoma pastor has been arrested on charges of scamming his elderly parishioners. He was charged with two counts of obtaining money by false pretenses of over $500. When you’re a pastor, you just have to ask yourself, “What would Jesus do,” amirite? Jesus would have gotten some loaves of bread and turned them into money, but this guy isn’t Jesus – not by a long shot.

Mark Miller was a pastor at Broadway Baptist Church. He served as a youth pastor for 10 years and was the main pastor for four years. The affidavit listed seven church members by name, all of whom had lent Miller money in the past year. Ten more members were victims but chose not to get involved, and wanted to remain anonymous. In total,  he scammed his parishioners out of nearly $46,000.

The woman who initially pressed charges told the Sand Springs police department that she tried to collect the money she loaned him, totaling about $30,000, and when he refused, she contacted the police. According to police, Miller had a number of scams going to collect his money. He told his victims that he needed money to pay for his daughter’s college tuition. Another claim was that he lost the money already loaned to him in a bulk aluminum scam to get even more money.

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Miller told the authorities that he owed an individual a lot of money for gambling. Because it’s totally Christian to gamble. I’m sure there’s a Bible verse to support my point, but I’m not researching it. He paid the “loan shark” off with his children’s college tuition loan check. Not only is he a piss-poor pastor, he’s a terrible father. He tried to gamble again to get the tuition back, but apparently, he completely sucks as gambling. Since none of his gambling attempts generated any money, so he started peddling his fake sob story to his elderly parishioners. Because they trusted him.

Miller resigned in August after a meeting with the church about the “loans”. Charges were not made until the claimant called the police after she only received $800 of her $30,000 and Miller made no attempt to give her anymore. People like this man are our religious leaders and people trust them. This behavior is reprehensible and shows a lack of morality no amount of church can give them.

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