Fox News Anchor Goes After Roy Moore In Vicious Op-Ed

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On Tuesday, Fox News anchor Gregg Jarrett unleashed on accused child molester/Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore. While the White House (including Donald Trump) and many of his colleagues at Trump’s propaganda machine may think an alleged pedophile is perfectly fine, Jarrett is not as forgiving. In a brutal op-ed published on Fox News’ website, the host called on Moore to drop out of the race and said he was “political poison”:

If Moore has a conscience, he will do what is right – quit the race to be the next U.S. senator from Alabama. But he won’t do it, of course. His record shows that he rarely does the right thing. He is consistently self-absorbed and self-righteous – a man full of guile, but not an ounce of shame.

So Moore will surely stay in the race, but he should be repudiated by voters at the polls on Election Day, Dec. 12. His implausible denials and obstinate attitude only do damage to him and the Republican Party. It is his sad legacy, but richly deserved.

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Jarrett is absolutely right, Roy Moore has no shame. Not only has he absolutely refused to answer questions about the accusations being leveled by these nine women, he has set out to destroy their reputations. It’s really no surprise that Donald Trump has endorsed him because he is behaving in exactly the same manner Trump did when 16 women accused him of sexual assault and harassment. This is the Republican Party of 2017. They no longer give two shits about their “morals” or their “god,” they only care about trying to shove terrible legislation down America’s throat. And if they need to elect an alleged child molester to do it, that is what they will do.

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