Fox News Continues To Push Debunked Antifa Story As Real News (VIDEO)

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In an attempt to gin up fear among their viewers, Fox News continued to discuss and push a story about the “Antifa attacks” supposedly happening across the nation yesterday. Where do they come up with this stuff? Well, in this instance, it isn’t hard to trace the roots of the story.

The story originated in September on Alex Jones’ InfoWars website with a headline in all caps that read:


About a month later, Fox News published a parroted version headlined:

Antifa apocalypse? Anarchist group’s plan to overthrow Trump ‘regime’ starts Saturday

Then yesterday, on their Fox & Friends segment, they continued to promote the debunked claim, saying that the plot was afoot to “drive [President Donald Trump] from power using violence.” Yes, really. They claimed that it was going to begin soon, and urged their viewers to be prepared. It was quite laughable.

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According to a report from BuzzFeed News, the group Refuse Fascism announced that they were planning a non-violent protest for November 4. Somehow the RWNJs turned the non-violent, nationwide protest into overthrowing the government. The group told BuzzFeed that the “Antifa apocalypse” being reported by Fox News was a false report.

Since November 4 has come and gone without incident, we know beyond the shadow of a doubt that the right-wing media was lying through their teeth – which should not be a real surprise to any of us.

Other right-wing media outlets have continued to spread this nonsense. The pro-Trump blog Gateway Pundit, often shared by Trump and Trump, Jr. on Twitter, ran an article claiming that “millions of Antifa supersoldiers” were planning on beheading white parents.

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I better run and hide — I’m a white parent … oh, right … it was just nonsense BS to gin up fear among the right-wing nut jobs. Phew — what a relief! Carry on.

Watch the Fox & Friends segment below:

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