Fox News Followers Attack Democrats Over Bill Protecting Pets

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State Senator Marisol Alcantara (D-NY) introduced a bill in the wake of United Airlines killing a french bulldog by placing it in the overhead bin on one of its flights. The bill has been dubbed Kokito’s Law, named for the dog that was killed on a flight between Houston and New York.

The bill would prevent pets from being placed into overhead storage bins on airplanes, force cargo holds to be pressurized and ventilated, and hold airlines to other safety standards in regards to pets flying with their owners. Most pet owners would agree that these are just general, basic guidelines that should be followed on all flights to keep their pets safe.

Of course, Democrats can do nothing right in the eyes of Fox News readers and viewers. Fox published an article about the proposed bill, and its readers were livid. They can’t fathom a lawmaker wanting to make a law about the general welfare of pets in the travel industry.

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The following are some of the comments on the Fox article. These people are great examples of some of the disgusting people who love Fox News and accept it as gospel.  We hope none of them are pet owners. Every single one of them lacks in basic compassion.

Ah, bestiality. We aren’t certain why many Fox News fans are so fixated upon it, but it’s generally used in reference to same-sex marriages. People like this are idiots.

This commenter seemed somewhat intelligent until they pulled out the word “rediculousity.” It’s nice to know that these sofa commentators know what’s best for Democrats, and people in general.

Oh, but they recently turned out in Pennsylvania, didn’t they? Saccone is still sulking.

I can think of people entirely more vile than those who treat their pets like children – like this commenter. Wanting your dog to live during a flight is the norm for most people.

Oh, there it is: the abortion argument. Apparently, this argument is as interchangeable as the bestiality argument.

Ummm. What? Faaaaiirrrlly certain most Democrats want some common sense gun laws, but whatever. I’m glad I don’t live in their reality.

No matter how well-meaning lawmakers are, they can’t please everyone. If you happen to be a Democrat lawmaker, Fox News supporters will rip you apart no matter how good your intentions.

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