Fundamentalist Greg Locke Has Been Accused Of Abusing His Ex-Wife

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Greg Locke is a fundamentalist preacher from Tennessee. He is probably most well known for his angry rants on Facebook and Youtube about social issues such as abortion, depression and disposable Starbucks cups. The pastor has recently found himself in the middle of a divorce, and it appears that his ex’s unhappiness in the marriage is a direct result of that fiery temper he brings to his Facebook videos.

His ex, Melissa Locke, is now in a women’s shelter. She recently sat down with Seth Dunn, a Christian writer at Pulpit & Pen and discussed her divorce from the evangelical hothead. She accused Locke of being emotionally abusive to her by fat-shaming her, calling her names, and that he had physically hit her more than once.

When asked about physical abuse, she said, “Just because somebody hits you, like two times, does not mean…” Reluctantly, she shared more information. Dunn wrote,

Though it was in the past, the hitting took place during Greg’s tenure as pastor of Global Vision Bible Church Pastor Greg Locke hit his wife. Melissa also shared that Greg had spit in her face during the previous summer and broken her phone as she tried to calm him down during a fit of rage.

She also shared screenshots of texts from her ex-husband with the writer to show emotional abuse. Her texts are in dark blue.

“You’ll be sleeping with strangers in a month.” What?! It absolutely blows my mind that this man, a Christian fundamentalist, would disparage his wife for sins not yet committed while supporting a man like Donald Trump. Oh yeah. He is a HUGE Trump supporter. Here is a tweet he sent out to all his followers last October:

The “last crusade” – please let’s all take a moment to throw up in our mouths and calm ourselves.

This is not the way a moral “leader” behaves. You don’t fat shame your wife or ridicule her hair cut or hit her. You most definitely don’t call her a deceitful bitch. You also don’t go on social media acting like a deranged fool. While this man has been preaching to the lemmings, he’s been behind closed doors taking his rage out on his family.

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Watch this video where he calls homosexuals abominations. He needs a mirror:

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