Giant Whining Republican Baby Threatens To Cancel Town Hall If Anyone Hurts His Precious Feelings

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Someone needs to call Minnesota Republican Tom Emmer’s mother so she can change his diaper. Afraid that mean ol’ liberals will show up and demand he explain himself, Emmer has threatened to take his toys and run home if anyone hurts his feelings:

In a statement released Tuesday, Emmer’s chief of staff said he wouldn’t tolerate violence or a “disruptive display” at the event.

“Should this event turn into a disruptive display, or if there are any violent actions or threats, we will end the meeting and be forced to reassess our policy on town halls going forward,” David FitzSimmons wrote in a statement.

Oh boohoo! Emmer can’t handle angry voters demanding he explain himself? Then get the fuck out of politics! He chose to be a Trump lackey and now he gets to answer for it.

One is forced to wonder what Emmer thought was going to happen when he fully embraced Donald Trump’s Muslim ban. Did he think people would pat him on the back and congratulate him for eroding the very foundations of America? Did he think that pushing to repeal Obamacare with no replacement would earn him accolades from the people who will lose their insurance?

Silly rabbit! This is a left wing nation and sucking up to white nationalism is downright unpopular. Emmer had better grow some thicker skin or he’s going to be labeled a sniveling coward every time he hides from his constituents.

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