GOP Intel Members To Put Literal Wall Between Themselves And Democrats

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Our representatives have almost literally lost their minds. Tensions are so high between the parties on the House Intelligence Committee, that they are planning to build an actual partition to separate the staffers. Construction should begin in the Spring. As you can guess, the idea is the brainchild of the GOP side – they seem to have unhealthy attachments to walls.

Isn’t this akin to separating siblings when they’ve been fighting all day? Isn’t this like rewarding them? We should be chaining them together to make them work together on our behalf. This is complete insanity.

Mike Conway (R-TX) said he wasn’t aware of the wall, but suggested the idea could have been Devin Nunes’ idea. He told CBS, “I’m not part of that decision.  You’ve got to talk to Devin. I don’t know what they’re trying to do one way or the other.” That’s the problem: none of them know what the hell is going on about anything.

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Republican Tom Rooney of Florida said that there is nothing bipartisan about the committee any longer. He stated that part of the division has to do with an investigation by the Office of Congressional Ethics into GOP staff for alleged leaks.

Another reason for the extreme division is that representatives are questioning leadership. Many Democrats are calling for the removal of Devin Nunes after the nothingburger memo. It seems as though he has lost any credibility he may have once held.

If this weren’t so literal, a wall or partition would be the perfect figurative illustration of what is happening in our White House. Democrats and Republicans are only fighting more, creating an atmosphere that feels that legislation is more about proving internal points that really have nothing to do with representing actual citizens.

We realize this reads like satire. However, it appears as though this really may happen. As much as we don’t want to be grouped with Republicans, separating the two parties will only further alienate our representatives from one another. Nothing good can come from this debacle.

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