GOP Official Is Annoyed That Women And Black People Have The Right To Vote

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Casey Fisher, a Republican precinct chairman from Davis County, Utah, is facing backlash after whining about women and black people voting in a Facebook post. On Sunday, the GOPer posted a status update where he said:

The more I study history, the more I think giving voting rights to others not heads of household has been a grave mistake!

Davis County GOP Chairwoman Teena Horlacher jumped to Fisher’s defense and claimed that he totally didn’t mean that women, like herself, do not deserve the right to vote–even though that is most certainly what he said:

The sentiment was along the lines of what our Founding Fathers believed in. Not necessarily that men only have the vote, that was not necessarily what he was saying…He’s not trying to say that only men should vote, that’s not what he’s saying and that’s as far as I’m going to go.

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Yes, the Founding Fathers believed that only white men who owned land deserved the right to vote. Women, African-Americans, non-English speakers, and poor people were not given the right to vote when the Constitution was drafted and while non-land owners were given the right in just about every state by 1860, the other groups had to fight tooth and nail to secure their unalienable rights. So Horlacher is basically saying that he meant it’s a shame that non-whites and those with vaginas can vote. There’s nothing profoundly ignorant about that.

The GOP chairwomen went on to complain that people were being big meanies to Fisher for his beliefs:

Casey has been completely harassed today. He has been inundated with mean emails, mean comments, mean phone calls. I mean, seriously. He’s quite astounded [by] the repercussions of all of this.

Well, gee golly gosh, poor Mr. Fisher! How dare he not be able to express his misogynistic and racist beliefs without backlash.

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