GOP Rising Star Slams Trump, Resigns From Position

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Brandon DeFrain has served as the chair of the Republican party for Bay County, Michigan since 2014. He resigned from his post on February 8 after a rather long Facebook post on his personal page. He cited dissatisfaction with Trump as one of his main causes for stepping down.

Not only did DeFrain step down as the Republican chair position, he stepped out of the Republican party altogether. He said he will no longer be affiliated with any political party – he wants to remain independent, and he will do what is right for his friends and family regardless of partisan politics.

He wrote in part,

I will no longer seek political office as a partisan represented candidate and I will no longer be more than an independent thinker working for the good of my family and my community.

Being a Republican, he did vote for Trump in the 2016 election. He even appeared on an NBC Today Show special segment touting his support as a top GOP leader in Michigan. That just screams “hardcore Republican,” doesn’t it?

He is over it. He is exhausted by the separation of family and friends this presidency has brought. His lengthy Facebook post really does say it all:

Wow. It’s not easy to give up something you have worked so hard for. This man gives us hope that not everyone associated with the Republican party is a racist, misogynist crook.

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Watch the segment DuFrain appeared on in 2016 supporting Trump:

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