WATCH: GOP Senator Wants To Jail Whistleblowers Because Trump Is Innocent

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Speaking to CNN on Tuesday, Republican Sen. James Risch stood up for President Trump’s controversial actions in giving classified intelligence to Russia during an Oval Office meeting last Wednesday. Risch stated that the president had done nothing wrong and said that the actual traitor was the whistleblower that informed the media:

It was not the President of the United States that caused this. It was some traitor who’s in the chain of command below the President who actually disclosed this. The focus has all been on a legal act, and an appropriate act that the President did, and for some reason, the national media is not in any way focusing on a very illegal and compromising thing that somebody did that has put the national security of America at risk.

Is that what we are calling people who speak up when they witness the POTUS doing something that could compromise our national security? Traitors? Did something in the Constitution change that we are not aware of? Do we now live in a country where the president gets to say and do anything that strikes his fancy and anyone who has the nerve to speak out against his actions is criminalized? It would appear that Sen. Risch, who is a member of both the Senate foreign relations and intelligence committees, thinks so:

There’s a weasel here…The weasel is not the President of the United States. It’s the traitor who disclosed these facts to the Washington Post.

Risch also seems to feel that the issue of whether or not the president gave this top secret information to Russian officials on purpose or just got so caught up in showing off his bigly intelligence connections that he accidentally said too much is unimportant. According to Risch:

What difference does it make whether he did it knowingly or unknowingly? It was a fact that he wanted to discuss with the Russians

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Even if what he said was classified information from a source that could be compromised or killed should the Russians put two and two together and figure out who they are? What if he compromised those sources to the point that the next time they receive intelligence on a possible terror attack against U.S. interests they choose NOT to share it with us? Our national security depends on trusting relationships with our intelligence partners abroad. If our president opens his big mouth to brag to a foreign government who is not a friend of those allies and compromises our intelligence partnerships in the process, that is an issue we need to know about.


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