GOP Senator Woke Up This Morning And Ripped His Party Apart

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Earlier this week, Donald Trump announced that he was going to support accused child molester Roy Moore for Jeff Sessions’ vacated Senate seat in Alabama. The president decided that it was far more important to elect a Republican than protect children because of course. Shortly after Trump enthusiastically endorsed the alleged kiddy diddler, the Republican National Committee (RNC) reinstated its support for the disgraced candidate. Then on Tuesday evening news broke that the RNC had transferred $170,000 to the Alabama Republican Party in order to help Moore’s campaign. It was this news that set Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse on a Twitter rant tearing his party apart:

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That’s nice, he’s calling out his party’s deplorable actions, but what next? Is Sasse going to demand an ethics investigation if Moore is elected? Is he going to put his career on the line and fight for women? Or is he going to go back to business as usual just like he did when Trump was elected? It’s not enough to tweet, he needs to actually do something otherwise he is just like every Roy Moore supporting Republican.

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