Guy Sets Internet On Fire With Totally Believable Fake Trump Tweet

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Shaun Usher, a Twitter user managed to set the internet on fire with a fake tweet from Trump on Monday. Though to be fair, no one would be surprised if Trump had actually said this bullshit. We have all seen the “covfefe” tweet. Let’s not forget his confusion between “unpresidented” and “unprecedented.”

There always seems to be a tweet from back in the day that Twitter users manage to dig up, things our interesting president has probably forgotten about since they were three years ago. However, the internet does seem to take great joy in reminding him of his past statements. Most of the time these tweets contradict his current stances and cause everyone around the world to wonder just where he learned to spell. In this case, no one would be surprised if actually spelled “Dow Jones” as “Dow Joans.”

The tweet was retweeted 4,300 times within an hour, causing Usher a lot of surprise. He admitted the tweet was a fake but did not delete it. Reactions from other Twitter users who were fooled were pretty amusing. We honestly can’t say that we wouldn’t have been completely duped, too:


The last one was my favorite, for the record. Trump has currently not responded to the fake tweet, though I suspect “fake news” will be thrown around since he likes that phrase so much.

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