Heavily Armed Man Screams At Police, Saying Trump Ordered Him To Fight Lizard People

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A Washington state man recently stopped his Jeep Cherokee in the middle of a busy intersection. He then proceeded to get out of his vehicle and start waving an AK-47 around raving about the “lizard people.” The reason he was so concerned about the lizard people? Donald Trump told him to fight them. Well, not reeeealllyyy, but that was the man’s excuse, and he was sticking to it.

Apparently, the guy was feeling a bit chubby and thought it would be a good idea to snort some meth to lose a little weight. The meth affected way more than his energy levels – that mixed with his prescription morphine turned him into a street Alex Jones impersonator.  When police arrived on the scene, not only did he have a loaded AK, but a loaded Ruger, as well. He immediately put them back inside his vehicle when the cops showed up with guns of their own.

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According to a statement by the sheriff’s department:

The man immediately laid on the ground and started to scream about ‘sending in the news’ and about ‘the lizard people. As our patrol deputy and a trooper attempted to place him in handcuffs, he suddenly pulled away his arms and tried to resist being handcuffed while continuing to scream.

After the guy was tasered and then handcuffed, he started explaining to the officers about the lizard people. The statement continued,

The man went on to describe how President Trump had called his house in Eatonville and warned him that the lizard people were coming and that the alpha dragon had already taken his family hostage,” the sheriff’s department said. “He said he had stopped in the intersection because he was surrounded by the lizard people and need to fight them as directed by the President. He said he was screaming and making a scene in the intersection in order to ‘attract the news vans’ and so ‘his story could be documented for history.’

In addition to his guns, he had a wooden baseball bat and five loaded magazines for the rifle. Apparently, the lizard people are sending in an army. The 54-year-old man is now being mentally evaluated. If the lizard people and weapons weren’t enough to order the evaluation, the fact that he’s a Trump supporter should have been enough to cause suspicion. Hasn’t Alex Jones also talked about lizards and lizard aliens? Trump and Jones – that’s all the reasons anyone needs for a psych eval.

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Just for fun, here’s Alex Jones talking about lizard aliens feeding off children:

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