Holy Sh*t! The NRA is Actually Talking About Something Important!

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The NRA, in a stunning nod toward the importance of gun safety, posted an article about the five reasons all people should take an NRA approved gun safety course. While most of the reasons are pretty common sense, they did not hesitate to tout their own programs, and the “In Case Something Happens” scenario.

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While firearms remain one of our most fierce debates as liberals, gun safety and the proper way to handle them should be a top priority whatever your ideology. People are killed every year because of the mishandling of firearms. The weapons used by Adam Lanza in the Sandy Hook shootings were registered to his mother. If those weapons had been properly secured, or better yet, not kept in a house with a son even she could see was becoming a problem, the 20 children and 6 educators might still be alive today. As a resident of Connecticut myself with a personal connection to the massacre, Sandy Hook affected me deeply. My thoughts always trail back to why anyone licensed to carry a firearm would actually allow and support a mentally disturbed young adult’s obsession with guns. Aren’t keeping guns away from children and dangerous people part of this course required by law to own a firearm in many states including Connecticut? If not included, it definitely should be.

With open carry becoming more popular in red states, and gun nuts working furiously to normalize seeing someone with an AR-15 strapped over their shoulder at your local Starbucks, gun safety and the proper handling of firearms should be a bipartisan issue, but it isn’t. Many Republicans poo-poo even the slightest regulations involving guns. Even the NRA safety classes mentioned in the article being a prerequisite for gun ownership are often rallied against by the NRA lobby, their paid cronies in Congress, and many on the right. In reality these classes are worthless unless the lessons learned from them are used in real-time situations.

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I still do not trust the NRA, even if they decided to make sense for a day and publish an article about the importance of gun safety. They may be the largest and longest time provider of gun safety courses in the United States (being in existence since 1871.), offering courses for every age, gender, and income level, but they still lobby our elected officials with dark money against any type of gun regulation. Their recent tone of armed resistance against liberals has been especially terrifying.

Whenever you think the NRA is making sense, watch this video and see their real motivation.

Amy has been a life-long Social Justice Warrior, attending protests and community action meetings as a child and teen with her grandmother, and is an active voice for liberal politics. She studied Political Communication in college, and has been political blogging since 2010. Carrie Fisher was her inspiration in becoming a writer. She lives in CT with her dog, Milo Yoda Windu.

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