Homeowner Blasted After Setting Up Vegas Massacre Halloween Display (Video)

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A homeowner in North Las Vegas has been taking some heat over his Halloween display. The man positioned 58 Halloween headstones with little American flags in front of a huge banner that reads #VegasStrong. Naturally, it received some mixed reviews.

The display was taken down and all that remains is the banner in tribute to those killed on October 1 in the massacre. A representative for the home-owner stated that he was receiving death threats and vandalism threats for having it displayed. However, the owner only meant to honor the victims and is devastated that people looked upon it as a devious act.

A resident of the community, Guy Becnal, said he saw nothing wrong with the display. He stated,

I drive past this every day and when they first put it up, it touched my heart.

Others in the neighborhood felt much the same.

However, naturally, the display is disturbing to others. Some thought that the display was an attempt to get 15 minutes of fame. Here are some comments to the negative regarding this display that may have been too soon.

Perhaps the display itself is not disturbing. What IS disturbing is the fact that 58 people lost their lives because this country is full of ammosexuals who only see stockpiling arsenals as their right and not a hazard to others. It is disturbing that people think these deaths and those who were injured is the price we pay for that freedom. It is disturbing that there are gun deaths every day in this country and no one seems to be very concerned about it because that’s “just the way it is.”

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