How $7.5 Million Almost Kept Steve Wynn’s Victim Quiet

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In a world of #MeToo, you would think perhaps we have heard the majority of allegations of misconduct, abuse and assault. Nope. Not even close. Thanks to Republican National Committee finance chief, Steve Wynn for continuing the legacy. His alleged rape victim cost him $7.5 million and yet, he is feeling no real pain. There is no real consequence for rich and powerful men. They just do what they want, throw some money at a “problem” and keep going on to do precisely what they please. I suppose when you are worth $3.5 billion, that isn’t a big deal…until you lose $250 million overnight.

The Wall Street Journal broke a story on Wynn regarding this alleged payout wherein they diligently sourced 150 people to create a comprehensive view of money, power and politics, and how absolute power corrupts absolutely. Of course, Wynn insists,“The idea that I ever assaulted any woman is preposterous.” The main problem with that statement is that it is difficult to believe of anyone that they are completely innocent when they shell out $7.5 M to any woman for an undisclosed reason.

Then, of course, 45 “liked” a tweet reporting on the allegations against casino mogul Wynn. That was later rescinded. But it does leave one to wonder why Donald Trump may have done that in the first place. Was this another, “covfefe” tweet? That is as yet unclear. Three very real possibilities exist: 1) He tweeted while tired; 2) Sometimes people “like” something because it saves the tweet for them; 3) He is not so secretly tickled that Wynn, a man who is successful where 45 is not (Taj Mahal for instance), is getting raked over the coals with assertions of sexual misconduct. Or perhaps Trump is back to endorsing sexual misconduct all around.

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What is fairly clear is that old white men with money rule the world and go to great financial pains to maintain their position. Another thing that is fairly clear is that powerful men will take advantage of women at every turn because we all know the power structure is set and unlikely to move anytime soon. But now powerful, wealthy men have a problem: Women now have a greater platform. So, continue to do what you please. But remember that 53 percent of the U.S. population consists of women, and we are all joining hands in solidarity against tyranny. And some of us are trained, angry and armed. Gents, we won’t be quiet anymore. Ladies, you are not alone.

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