If A White Terrorist Falls On Law Enforcement, Does The Press Make A Sound?

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Can someone please explain to me how this is not an act of terrorism?

RALEIGH, N.C. – A man planted a Mason jar filled with explosive chemicals and nails at a western North Carolina airport last week and vowed to “fight a war on U.S. soil,” according to court documents released Tuesday.

The criminal complaint written by an FBI agent said investigators found the improvised explosive device Friday morning at the Asheville airport near a terminal entrance. Asheville police bomb technicians then rendered it safe.

The complaint accuses Michael Christopher Estes of attempted malicious use of explosive materials and unlawful possession of explosives at an airport. […]

Court documents say authorities found the improvised explosive device around 7 a.m. Friday at Asheville Regional Airport. It contained ammonium nitrate and Sterno fuel, along with steel wool that was then wrapped around nails and a .410 gauge Winchester shotgun cartridge, the complaint says…In nearby woods, investigators later found a backpack and tool kit containing similar items to what was used in the explosive device: tape, Sterno fuel and more shotgun shells.

Lemme get this straight: some dude builds an IED, plants it in an airport with the express purpose of detonating it during a high-traffic period in order to “fight a war on U.S. soil” – a political motive if I’ve ever heard one – yet the FBI is only charging him with “attempted malicious use of explosive materials and unlawful possession of explosives at an airport?”

Gimme a freakin’ break.

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I really hate playing the “imagine if he was a brown person” game, but it’s incredibly difficult to imagine that if this dude was anything other than white (prison records list him as Native America, but again: gimme a freakin’ break), there’s every likelihood that not only would they have slapped him with terrorism charges so hard that his grandkids would have felt it, but this would have been on the front page of just about every single major news outlet in the country.

Instead: crickets. It’s almost as if the press doesn’t want people to establish a concrete link between right-wing extremism and the violence it inevitably produces among angry, dispossessed whites or something, because to do so would fundamentally expose the Republican Party as the marketing firm for white supremacy that it actually is and drive them out of office and polite society for good…

…nah, that couldn’t possibly be it.

Could it?

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