In Wake Mueller Indictments, Don Jr. Wants You To Know His Daddy Ran A Clean Campaign

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Earlier today, it broke that George Papadopoulos lied to the FBI about meeting with the Russians. Naturally, this a big deal, since it means that Mueller now has a guilty plea to work with. We also know it’s a big deal because Donald Trump Jr. is desperately trying to deflect, and did so in the most clumsy and backhanded of ways: by using a retweet.

Cardillo is a former NYPD officer and self-styled right-wing commentator, and he hosts “Off the Cuff” on “Rebel TV.” He also posted a selfie of himself aiming a gun at the camera, since you know how these fake alpha male assholes are.

By retweeting this, Trump Jr. is desperate to have you believe his daddy ran a clean campaign. It also means he has the attention span of a goldfish.

There was a time when Donald Trump Jr. himself visited the Russians. In fact, he loves Russia — he’s spent more time there than his father ever did. He’s also established numerous personal connections, including ones that have outlasted the campaign. And Trump Jr. was a key figure in the Trump Campaign.

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Now, none of that is illegal on the face of it. But let’s be honest here — it looks suspicious, and even if Papadopoulos was an “unpaid foreign policy campaign adviser,” that doesn’t change the fact that he wasn’t the only campaign adviser with ties to Russia.

But please Trump supporters, by all means, keep talking about Podesta and Clinton and Uranium One. It tells the rest of us who to ignore.

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