#IndictmentMonday Is Trending On Twitter And It’s Funnier Than Trump’s Last Meltdown (Tweets)

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We have a feeling that Donald Trump will not be able to sleep tonight. Chances are, he will be much too anxious to sleep. Tomorrow, Mueller hands out his first indictments in the Russian investigation. If his complete meltdown on Twitter this morning is any indication, Trump is sweating bullets. Those of us who have been waiting for something to happen in the Mueller investigation will sleep well this evening.

Twitter users have taken the opportunity to celebrate Monday like it were an unofficial holiday – many of them, including this writer, are thoroughly enjoying Trump’s very apparent discomfort. #IndictmentMonday is now trending and the results are nothing short of social media hilarity. We have compiled a list here of some of the best tweets about Mueller’s big day.

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And our very favorite:

Chances are, tomorrow won’t even be as great as we all want it to be. You know they are saving the best, or in the case worst, for last. In any case, we know that Mueller has this. Trump will try everything in his power to interfere, but we hope that #IndictmentMonday is the beginning of the end.

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