James Comey Slams The Entire GOP Leadership In Early Morning Tweet

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James Comey, the former Director of the FBI, took to Twitter this morning to shame the cowards running the Republican Party for refusing to stand up to Donald Trump’s attacks on American law enforcement.

Quoting Martin Luther, he reminded the spineless weasels of the GOP that their silence as Trump tries to turn the Department of Justice and the FBI into his own personal weapons to attack his enemies speaks volumes about their character. Or lack thereof:

Comey is 100% correct. Without an independent DoJ and FBI, who will hold our leaders accountable when they commit crimes? Republicans have already proven they won’t lift a finger as Trump and his historically corrupt administration flagrantly violate the Constitution over and over again. They have abandoned their oath to act as a check on an out of control executive branch and now they sit silent as Trump tries to remove the last threats to his power.

If we were any other country with weaker institutions, we would already be a lawless dictatorship like Russia or Turkey. It’s only the incredible strength of our laws and the institutions we built to enforce them that have kept Trump from declaring himself God Emperor of the United States. But with a Congress that sits on its hands and does nothing, those institutions continue to weaken. That is the true insult to this country and it freedom that Comey is shaming Republicans for.

Will they listen? Doubtful. They got what they wanted already: A Trillion dollar tax cut for billionaires paid for by the poor and middle class. Now they’ll spend the next year looting and deregulating as much as they can before being kicked out of power in November.

I wonder how if they’ll still be quiet when the FBI starts investigating them for the crimes they committed hiding Trump’s corruption?

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