Jerry Springer DESTROYS Trump’s Debate Performance With Two BRILLIANT Sentences

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Donald Trump didn’t have a very good night at his first one-on-one showdown with Hillary Clinton. The Republican presidential nominee made a complete ass of himself on the stage. He lied about nearly every one of his stances, he repeatedly interrupted Hillary, disrespected moderator Lester Holt, complained that Hillary was mean to him in ads and immediately after the debate he started whining. Basically, his performance was exactly what we expected it to be and millions of people are laughing at the bombastic self-declared billionaire including another reality tv star, Jerry Springer.

After the debate was over on Monday night and the media was beginning to spin, former Cincinnati mayor and the host of arguably the trashiest show on t.v. summed up Trump’s debate failure with two perfect sentences:

HAHA! He’s spot on. Donald Trump didn’t exhibit any qualities that proved him fit to run this country last night or, really, in any of the days leading up to the debate. He has insulted women, calling them fat pigs and slobs. He has insulted Mexicans, calling them rapists and criminals. He has insulted immigrants, saying they are destroying America. He has insulted African-Americans, claiming they are living in slums and are in the worst shape in American history. He has insulted Muslims, implying that they are all terrorists. He has insulted President Obama, for years saying that he wasn’t an American citizen. He has called on his supporters to beat people at his rallies, claimed former President Bill Clinton is a rapist, is supported by white nationalists and white supremacists. He kept a campaign manager around for months after he assaulted a woman and then hired an openly racist man to help coordinate his campaign. He has made creepy comments about his daughter. The list goes on and on.

Donald Trump is a terrible human being and he definitely does not belong seated behind the desk in the Oval Office. Jerry Springer is right.

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