Justice Is Served For Hero Nurse Who Stood Up To Hospital Cop

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There’s little doubt that anyone will fail to recall the recent altercation between hero nurse of Salt Lake City, Alex Wubbels, and Detective Jeff “Dick Duster” Payne (that moustache deserves every ounce of ridicule I can muster) over the former’s refusal to draw blood without a warrant – which is her hospital’s standard policy, mind you – from an off-duty Idaho reserve police officer who had been injured in a car crash involving a suspect fleeing from the police.

Detective Payne, no to be outdone by the “wimmins” of the ward while on body camera, decided to whip his dick out along with a pair of handcuffs and arrest Wubbels for…hell, I don’t know what. She didn’t do anything other than challenge his manhood comply with hospital regulations.

(In case this one did slip your mind, the video is  below.)

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Ms. Wubbels got her day in court: Detective Payne has officially been shitcanned as of Tuesday for violating department policies, a decision following an internal investigation that probably should have taken all of five minutes but you know how these things can go. SLC police have issued an official apology to her, and changed their policies to better reflect Wubbels’ position.

Additionally, prosecutors have started a criminal investigation into Payne over the arrest, and gave a holler at the FBI to give them a hand in probing for possible civil rights violations. Turns out he’s got a history of shenanigans under his belt (surprise, surprise!), including a second shitcanning from his part-time paramedic gig after being caught on camera saying that he was going to payback Wubbels by bringing all the kooks and transients he picked up to her hospital, as well as being disciplined by the force in 2013 after sexually harassing a female co-worker in what internal affairs investigators called a “persistent and severe” way.

All in all, I’d call this a win and some much-needed good news on the civil liberties front. Sadly, I still can’t help but wonder all the same whether this much hullabaloo would be made over hero nurse Wubbels were she a black woman. It didn’t happen Oscar Grant, or Eric Garner, or Walter Scott, or Philando Castile, or Alton Sterling, and they all suffered far worse fates at the hands of police. On tape, no less. But a white nurse can get roughed up by some jumped-up security guard, and everyone loses their minds?

It’s just another morning in America.

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  1. I applaud the fact that the nurse is getting justice, and the comparison to the unequal treatment of black folks by police. However, I noticed that all of the black people you names are male. What about the black women also killed by police? Sandra Bland, for example,

    As Huffington Post wrote, “We have always only framed this as a black male problem, and it is time to tell the entire truth about who police violence and terrorism happens to.”

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