Kellogg’s Decides Its Racist Cereal Box Probably A Bad Idea

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Kellogg Co. has decided that maybe their racist Corn Pops cereal box wasn’t such a great idea after Marvel Comics writer Saladin Ahmed called them out on Twitter.

The box at the center of the controversy features a picture of corn pops characters. All but one of the smiling cartoon characters are light yellow. The lone darker corn pop person is a janitor who is pushing a sweeper. Because, why not? Ahmed was not about to let this kind of racism slide.

“Hey @KelloggsUS why is literally the only brown corn pop on the whole cereal box the janitor? This is teaching kids racism,” Ahmed wrote.

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Kellog was quick to respond to Ahmed’s tweet. They insisted that they really are “committed to diversity and inclusion” and somehow just missed the blatant racism on their box. They apologized and added that they totally “did not intend to offend” by pushing this type of racist stereotype.

Ahmed then thanked the cereal company for their quick response, saying that it was “genuinely appreciated.”

According to Kellog’s tweet, the company is currently redesigning their box to not be so racist after Ahmed publicly shamed them and will have the new boxes in stores soon.

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Ahmed then posted that he had “used the computer in my pocket to get a cereal company to make their boxes less racist” and although it was a “tiny” victory against the racism that plagues the world, it was a victory none the less.

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