KKK Knuckle-Draggers Brawl With Protesters Because ‘Murica (Video)

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A group of Ku Klux Klan knuckle-draggers demonstrating in Anaheim, California got a dose of what they’ve been doing to decent, rational Americans for decades when a group of protesters beat them with their own stupidity. And it was beautiful.

This protester lets a Klan member know what he thinks about their protest.
This protester lets a Klan member know what he thinks about their protest.

The fuddle-brained f#$kwits planned a “walking protest” at a local park, but the civil rights activists arrived beforehand and did exactly what so many of us have been longing to do ever since the beginning of these dunce-capped white-robed bullies. They beat the snot out of them. I only wish I was there.

The brawl apparently involved several KKK members, who were wearing basic black adorned with Confederate flag patches in lieu of their stupid white robes, and 30 counter-protesters, according to The Los Angeles Times.

The protesters arrived by 11 a.m., the Klansters about an hour later in an SUV. The brawl erupted seconds after the men climbed out of said SUV. In the melee, three protesters wound up stabbed and numerous Klaniacs hopped in the SUV and fled, because these dirtbag dips#@ts are nothing if not cowards. They prefer beating up, intimidating, and killing people who have no power, like poor blacks for instance.

But my favorite part of the brawl happened when their so-called “Grand Dragon” wound up on the ground, getting a good kicking from some of the protesters. He wasn’t so “Grand” at that point, now was he? Man, would I have loved to help.

I’m usually not prone to violence, but the KKK is, and as the Southern Poverty Law Center notes, it is America’s oldest and most infamous hate group. These vile monsters have unleashed a reign of domestic terror on black Americans for more than 150 years; lynching, raping, tar-and-feathering, killing and terrorizing innocent people. They have also targeted Jews, LGBT people, and even Catholics. Perhaps the most hateful thing they ever did was to bomb that Birmingham church in September 1963, killing four beautiful young black girls. I can’t get the ugliness of this out of my head; it is a waking nightmare to see how my own ignorant kind keeps doing this day after day.

So when I see a few Klansman heads getting bashed, I don’t feel the slightest drop of sympathy for them.

After police arrived, one Klan member was heard telling an officer that he “stabbed him in self-defense,” the Times reports. A number of other people also wound up handcuffed.

According to witnesses, the Klaniacs even used the point of a flagpole as a weapon during the brawl.

Sgt. Daron Wyatt, of the Anaheim Police Department said one protester was stabbed with a knife, and another was stabbed with an unidentified weapon.

And Brian Levin, director of Cal State San Bernardino’s Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism was standing near the KKK members when several protesters began attacking them with two-by-fours and other weapons, he said. Which means he got to observe hate and extremism in action.

Levin was in the middle of trying to interview William Quigg, the KKK head domestic terrorist, I mean, leader. Quigg lives in Anaheim and is the leader of the Loyal White Knights in California and other Western states. This rotting branch of the hate group says it wants to raise awareness about illegal immigration, terrorism, (pot meet kettle), and street crime, Levin said. They model themselves after David Duke, the former grand wizard of the Klan in Louisiana, who recently endorsed fascist, er presidential candidate Donald Trump.

How lovely.

When the violence surged and a protester was stabbed, Levin said he pushed Quigg out of the way.

Then he asked:

“How do you feel that a Jewish guy just saved your life?”

“Thank you,” Quigg said.

A crowd of about 100 people applauded when Quigg and another Klansman were handcuffed. All told, six Klan members (five men and one woman) and seven protesters (six men and one woman) were arrested, Wyatt said. Like dogs chasing their tails, Klan members were arrested in connection with the stabbings and protesters were arrested in connection with the beatings. And fortunately, the stabbing victims are all in stable condition.

I have to wonder, if I ever see a Klansman getting roughed up, what kind of sandwich would I fix?

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eceFVwj7eWQ&w=560&h=315]

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