LISTEN: Michigan Cops Refer To Woman As ‘C*nt’ For Not Talking To Them

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A lieutenant is suing the sheriff of Jackson County in Michigan and getting recordings of the sheriff and other deputies making crude sexual comments and jokes about female county employees. reports that Lt. Tommy Schuette is the one behind the suit against the sheriff, who Schuette is a “multifaceted bigot.” The show Rand and other sheriff’s deputies referring to a court clerk as a “cunt” because she had the audacity not to talk to them, making jokes about doing a “snuff film” with her in it and “donkey punching” her. They also commented on a prospective female employee saying she had a “phenomenal ass.” Another officer is recorded saying  ” I’d stick it in her ass as far as I could

What a bunch of fucking pigs.

In another recording, the group is discussing a recently fired black deputy and recommendations for his future employment.Rand said to Schuette after a longer discussion “I thought you gingers stuck together with the blacks.” Another voice interjects and says “You kept saying they’re your people,”

Ah, so they’re also racist fucking pigs

The sheriff stated in a voicemail to reporter:

There is not much I can tell you. I have not had the opportunity to speak with any legal counsel yet, nor have I seen the full allegations in the lawsuit… It would completely imprudent of me to even make any comment at this time.

Yeah, it sounds like you’re trying to cover your own ass you fucking dick.

Rand is recorded discussing a woman who is being the chief circuit court judge. She will apparently “fuck it all up because she’s a scatterbrained cunt. But she’s “pretty smart” according to another man in the group. Rand continues with “Yeah… cunt smart. Is that the same thing?”

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Jackson County has denied any wrongdoing against it in the lawsuit and is disturbed by the allegations.  They stated:

The allegations, if true, are absolutely abhorrent and represent conduct that is repugnant to Jackson County’s commitment as clearly set out in its many employment policies and practices.

It sounds like there could be more lawsuits coming for these racist misogynistic assholes. You can listen to the recording of these pricks below.

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