Looks Like Chris Christie Wants To Be Trump’s Chief Of Staff

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John Kelly, White House Chief of Staff, came under fire last week after the allegations against Rob Porter for domestic abuse came to light. Porter, a former White House aide, has been accused of abusing two ex-wives – one of which produced photos of bruises. This leaves the White House and America wondering how much John Kelly knew about the wife-abuser and for what length of time.

Chris Christie is all over it. The former New Jersey Governor is calling to find out how much Kelly knew about the allegations during Porter’s background checks. Christie, along with others, seems to think Kelly already knew about these allegations because the security clearance was stalled when the exes went to the FBI about the abuse.

Christie said in an interview with ABC’s This Week,

I think, in the end, we have got to hear from John Kelly as to what he knew and we haven’t heard that directly from him yet. This is about competence. And you have to, as chief of staff, be able to competently run the place… Ultimately this is the decision of the White House. And so depending upon when it was presented, whether it was presented to Chief of Staff Preibus or whether it was presented ultimately (the) first time to Chief of Staff Kelly, along with the White House counsel, they’re the decision-making parties here that present that information to the President. So clearly there was a breakdown in process.

That was a whole lot of Trump ass-kissing. Christie suggesting that Kelly is incompetent and it’s all his fault that Trump didn’t know about the allegations against Porter really says it all. It seems as though Christie is angling for a new position. We all know how much Trump loves ass kissers.

Leave it to sharks to circle the first spots of blood in the water.

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Watch the interview below:

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